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Purple Pendant Ionizer

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Morion Pendant Ionizer brings the benefits of Negative Air Ions (NAIs) to you and transform the air that you breathe, improving your health, and people’s lives! NAIs are formed in rainforests, waterfalls, during heavy storms, anywhere where there is a lot of moisture in the air. Morion Pendant Ionizer keeps your air clean whenever and wherever you are.

Morion Pendant Ionizer emits up to
30 million negative air ions pcs/cm³.
Primarily, the Morion Pendant Ionizer helps to eliminate smoke, dust, pollen, PM 2.5, kills bacteria and virus, portable and require zero maintenance. It is portable, light weight, and aesthetically designed.


PM 2.5 Effective
Removal Rate
Bacteria Killing


It does not emit ozone; therefore, it is certified safe to use.

Portable, lightweight, no filter to replace or clean which require zero maintenance

0.00458 ppm
Zero maintenance

1 meter radius of clean air around your head at all times.

1 meter radius
Up to 9 hours

Technical Specifications

Main Input : DV 5V 1A
Humidity : < 60% RH
Storage : 10 - 40'C
Battery Capacity : 90mAh
Application : Necklaces
Operation Within : < 90% RH
Size : 46 X 29 mm
Weight : 20g
Colour : Purple
Charging Time : 1.5 Hours
One Button Control

Learn more about our certificates and other endorsements :

Morion Pendant Bacteria Killing Cert 2021FM02587R01E.pdf
Morion Pendant Ozone Cert 2021FM02588R01E.pdf
Morion Pendant PM2.5 2021FM02586R01.pdf

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