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Morion TERA

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70% of the world's population is experiencing suboptimal health. Take a look around you; we live in a world where people are living with a heavy mental load, engaging in physically demanding activities, leading an undisciplined lifestyle, engaging in mentally-straining work, experiencing tense relationships, living under great pressure, and may indulge in smoking and drinking activities.

According to the TCM theory of disease, these suboptimal health problems are a form of deficiency, which leads to cold, cold to dampness, dampness to coagulation, coagulation to stagnation, stagnation to obstruction, obstruction to a tumor, and eventually a tumor to cancer. As we can see, the root of all diseases is cold and dampness! More often than not, severe medical conditions are born of minor ailments over time!
In the long run, suboptimal health problems such as fatigue, water retention, gout, irregular periods, night sweats, cold hands and feet, a lack of strength, and hypothermia syndrome will slowly surface.

Morion TERA is an ungraded bio-energy booster that will activate our bodies’ cellular energy, and you will enjoy these key benefits!

Dispelling cold and dampness
Promoting circulation

Burning body fat
Body shaping and anti-aging

Relieving inflammation
Purifying our internal system

Promoting metabolism
Activating our cells

The Three Core Technologies that will change your life and make you healthier!

Level 1

Terahertz waves perform accurate detection on human cells by way of spectral imaging and provide feedback on abnormal cellular conditions while adapting the intensity of bioenergy. There is a difference between the molecular frequencies of healthy cells and those of mutated cells. Each one of us is different; hence, people may feel different sensations towards the same intensity of energy.

Level 2

Bio-magnetic energy resonates with human cells at the same time frequencies. It provides energy to invigorate the cells and promote cellular activities, generating heat from the inside out. Normal cells move through the cell cycle in a regulated way; abnormal cells moving in an unregulated way will be eliminated from the body.

Level 3

Graphene-based far infrared rapidly brings up our skin's temperature to accelerate blood circulation, relax stressed muscles, and relieve pain.

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